PODCAST 12: The Barrier to Entry with Brendan Mahan, ADHD Poet

Today’s episode is a bit different.  Due to the recent snow storms, and an exceptionally busy month, I don’t have the 6-8 hours needed to edit a full interview.  In today’s episode, I go back to my English teacher roots, and blend them with my ADHD coach skills to create something short, sweet, and actionable.  I hope you enjoy it.

We’re looking at the struggle that comes about for those of us with ADHD when the “barrier for entry” is too high, and thinking about how we can reduce those barriers.  Oh, and I read an original poem.  (I promise it all makes sense.)

Let me know about your expereicnes/struggles with barriers to entry, and how you’re overcome them at  Brendan@ADHDessentials.com.

The poem I read in today’s episode is below:

If you give a man a snow blower,
He’ll have to fill it with gas.
While he’s filling it with gas,
He’ll think about how loud it is.

Thinking about how loud it is,
Will start to stress him out
So, he’ll want to listen to his favorite podcast.

Thinking about his favorite podcast,
Will make him realize
That he won’t be able to hear it over the noise.
So he’ll put his phone back in his pocket.

Putting his phone back in his pocket,
Will remind him that he needs a key to unlock the snow blower.
Thinking of the key to the lock
Will remind him about the ignition key
Remembering the ignition key
Will remind him that he can never remember
How to start the snow blower

Which means he’ll have to go back in the house
To get the instructions
But going back in the house
Will track snow everywhere.

So he won’t want to do it.
And will feel ashamed instead.
Because he can’t “just remember”
how to start the snow blower

Feeling ashamed will make him want to avoid the snow blower
And he’ll probably use a shovel instead.