PODCAST 36: Comics & ADHD with Dav Pilkey, Creator of Captain Underpants, and Adult with ADHD

I’m pretty jazzed about this episode.  One of my goals at the start of this podcast was to get Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants on the show.  Well, Mission Accomplished!  Today’s the day that episode drops.

Dav only had about 15 minutes to talk, and was gracious enough to include my sons.  That’s right, not only is Dav on the show, but I got to share the mic with my boys for this one!  We recorded last week, and by coincidence, they were home from school due to teacher training.  Which is awesome because they’re the reason I pursued getting him on in the first place.

I am grateful to Dav and his team for helping to make this episode happen.  It will always have a special place for me.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Dav’s childhood with ADHD & dyslexia
  • Dav’s struggles in school
  • How Dav’s parents responded to him having ADHD
  • How comics influenced Dav growing up
  • The Secret Origin of Captain Underpants
  • The Secret Origin of DogMan
  • ADHD & Creativity
  • Seeing ADHD as a gift & a different way of thinking


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