PODCAST 1: Overview of ADHD with Dr. David Nowell, ADHD Expert

It’s the very first episode of the ADHD Essentials podcast!

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. David Nowell.  He’s a clinical neuropsychologist, international speaker, and renowned expert on ADHD.

This episode is an overview of ADHD.  We talk about it all!  How ADHD works in the brain, the role of dopamine, behavior management, reframing perspectives, even mindfulness.  It’s a wide ranging discussion filled with science, stories and strategies.

Dr. Nowell can be found at DrNowell.com.

Thanks for listening!



Show Notes:

1:30                 10 Second Grocery Store Description of ADHD

3:52                 ADHD/Asthma Metaphor

4:37                 Diagnosis Based on Severity / Functional Impairment

6:12                 ADHD Genes, and heritability

8:32                 ADHD Brain Basis

11:16               ADHD Look-a-likes

12:20               Major Life Changes and ADHD

13:12               Major Life Changes from the Kid’s Perspective

18:52              Systems for Kids to Manage ADHD Now and in the future.

19:39               Raising a Healthy, Well Adjusted 26 Year Old

22:44               Managing ADHD with Bright Line Rules

35:33               On Attention

38:51               Reframing the Point of Homework

40:44               Stories about ADHD Testing

42:32               How to get paid $800/hr… Sort of.

44:08               Brief Recap

44:35               Mindfulness as an ADHD Treatment