PODCAST 7: Curious Accountability with Cameron Gott

It was an honor to talk about ADHD with Cameron Gott. He’s been coaching people affected by ADHD for over 15 years, and is one of the people I most wanted to get on the pod. So, when he told me he liked the show, I jumped at the chance to get him on. I’m […]

PODCAST 6: Love Languages, Twin Gaps, and Being Married to ADHD with Sandy, Wife and Mom to ADHD

Sandy and I had a great conversation about her husband, her kids, and the way ADHD affects their family.  One aspect of this episode that I love is the symmetry of it –  the topics we discuss early on in our conversation return again at the end, allowing us to go into more depth in them […]

PODCAST 5: Transitions, Testing and Deciding Not To Be A Geneticist with Cara Fleming, School Psychologist

Cara Fleming is a school psychologist at the high school level, as well as a transition consultant. What’s a transition consultant? I’m glad you asked. Transition consultants help kids successfully make the leap from high school to college and/or the workforce. Cara was great to interview. We laughed a fair amount, looked at things in […]

Speaking Dates for February and March 2018

I have several workshops coming up over the next two months.  I’d love to see you at one!  Please make a point say hello (and mention this post) if you can make it!   ADHD Essentials for Parents  Sharon Public Library, Sharon, MA Wednesday, January 31, 6pm – 7:30pm   ADHD and Executive Function in the […]

PODCAST 4: Routines, Giggles and Belonging with Dan and Stacy, ADHD Parents

As I spoke with Dan and Stacy, our guests for this episode, I was struck by how clearly their love for each other and their kids came across.  Dan’s thoughfulness about how ADHD affects their family of four, and Stacy’s understanding and acceptance of the struggles it presents were moving.  As was their clear support for one another, […]

PODCAST 3: Separating Attitude from Performance with Michele Monteiro, Special Education Teacher

Episode 3 finds me talking to Michele Monteiro.  She’s a special education teacher at a school for kids with social, emotional, and other disabilities.  Many of her students have ADHD. We talk aobut how students taking, or not taking, their prescribed medication affects both themselves, and their classmates, the importance of letting kids earn back your […]

PODCAST 2: What Parents Have to Learn with Sam Gardner, Parent of a child with ADHD

Episode 2! In this episode, I’m talking with Sam Gardner.  Sam is the mother of a daughter with ADHD.  (Even better, her daughter is in middle school!)  Sam shares the frustration, joy and adventure of being part of a family affected by ADHD.  We talk about selfcare, the importance of learning how best to manage your […]

PODCAST 1: Overview of ADHD with Dr. David Nowell, ADHD Expert

It’s the very first episode of the ADHD Essentials podcast! In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. David Nowell.  He’s a clinical neuropsychologist, international speaker, and renowned expert on ADHD. This episode is an overview of ADHD.  We talk about it all!  How ADHD works in the brain, the role of dopamine, behavior management, reframing […]

The Importance of self-care - ADHD and self-care

How Being Selfish Can Also Be Selfless – The Importance of Self-Care

I like most people, need to put more importance on self-care. I have a tendency to put others ahead of myself. This makes me a really good husband, a pretty good friend, a dad who has to tread carefully, and kind of a jerk to myself sometimes. It’s a trait that, quite honestly, doesn’t serve […]

Scavenger Hunt

Games and play are a great way to help kids develop skills, learn to manage their emotions, and develop resilience. Disguised as fun, they can force kids to face down challenges, and struggle through adversity. It’s a topic my friend Dr. Kristen Milliken, of Your ADHD Life, writes about in her book, PlayDHD. With Kristen’s […]